Urban Upbringing

 I am no stranger to the music scene, having been born to parents who had a passion for the art of hip-hop since its inception.  Mom was an emcee/singer.  My father who was also an emcee, produced music as well.  Having been exposed to it at such a young age, and pretty much being raised into it became the foundation for me.  I developed an ear for music, perfected it in the studio, and instilled it into my sound.  Becoming an artist myself, was in my DNA.

Embrace Your Passion

Endless hours were spent developing my space into the perfect acoustic environment to create a unique original sound.  The nights of no sleep, and all of the hard work paid off.  In 2017, I successfully launched my own company, and opened up my recording studio in Brooklyn. 

Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration, drive and determination all around me.  

I bring music to an interactive level, representative of the artist.  If it's a one hour session or a twelve hour marathon night at the studio, 150% of my soul goes into each bar produced that leaves this studio.   

I am dedicated to the artist and the vision!


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